Bronze Rape of the Sabines Garden Statue

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The Spectacular Bronze Statue shows a Strong Roman Soldier beating down a Sabine male, seizing a Young Sabine virgin and carrying her away to become his legitimate wives.

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Rape of The Sabines Statue after Giambologna

Giambologna (1529 -1608) was one of the greatest sculptors of the age linking Michelangelo and Bernini who also would carve marble as though it were wax, this piece is universally regarded as the climax of his career and a undoubted master-piece, the statue was erected in the Loggia De Lanzi Florence in August 1582 and unveiled in January 1583 where it still stands today.

A special limited edition of five signed, dated and numbered pieces are available together with 288 page hardback history of the works of Giambologna by Dr. Charles Avery.

Bronze Garden Statue Height: 2.8m

Stone Pedestal Height: 1.7m

Bronze Garden Statue Total Height on Pedestal: 4.5m
Bronze Garden Statue

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