Classical Bust Antinous

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Antinous Classical Stone Bust

The David Sharp Studio’s Classical Bust of Antinous shows a beautiful Greek youth with curly hair who was the favourite of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. After Antinous drowned in the Nile, the grief stricken Emperor Hadrian proclaimed Antinous a god, a feat which had previously been reserved for members of the imperial Family.

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Stone Colour Examples:


Emperor Hadrian built many Cities and Temples to honour Antinous. He also commissioned many Statues and Busts in the image of Antinous, one Statue depicted Antinous as Bacchus, the God of wine.

Hadrian even had Antinous’s head appear on the Roman coinage making him the only Non-imperial to do so.

The David Sharp Studio’s Classical Bust of Antinous stands 840 mm high and is shown on our Knightsbridge Fluted Pedestal.


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