Spinario Bronze Garden Stautue

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The Spinario statue was recorded between 1165-1167 as outside the Lateran Palace and transferred from there to the Palazzo Dei Conservatori in the Capital by Pope Sixtus IV after 1471 and recorded there for certain in 1499-1500.

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Rome, Musei Capitolini (palazzo Dei Conservatori) The detailed photograph of the graceful Garden sculpture captivates the admirable material and workmanship that is indicative of this range.

Hours of patient work by our craftsman ensure that each sculpture is taken to a meticulous finish worthy off their original masters.

The Spinario Garden Statue is also available in Castcarrara Marble.

Bronze Garden Statue Height 830 mm (2′ 8 3/4″) x width 620 mm (2′ 1/2″)

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