Bronze Bacchus Garden Fountain Centrepiece

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The David Sharp Studio’s exquisite Bronze Bacchus Fountain Centrepeice shows a Pretty youth whose wavy hair is adorned with garlands of ivy and fruit. The Statue holds his overflowing drinking bowl aloft in his left hand and is accompanied by a young Faun, which is half human and half goat, carrying a bunch of grapes on its head.
Bacchus was the God of Wine, Pleasure and Festivity and as a Garden Fountain Centrepiece his drinking bowl endlessly flows. He was the youngest of the Olympians and the only god to have a mortal mother.



The Bronze Bacchus Fountain Centrepiece
Height: 2000 mm (6.56ft”)

All Pool Surrounds are sold separately and can be found in the Pool Surrounds section.

The Bronze Bacchus is also available as a Garden Statue in both Bronze and Marble.

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Weight 60 kg


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